No Return Flight

Anticipation building as I make plans to ride my Tiger back to Colorado. Enjoying the excitement, thinking ahead, preparing, making contingency plans. I’m looking forward to the ride AND to having my touring bike in Colorado for the summer!

Driving from Phoneix is about 16 hours on the interstate. Of course, that’s not what I really want to do. I’m plotting out interesting looking routes, places I’ve never taken time to see before. The internet says all those twists in the road add up to 20 hours. I plan to give it a couple extra days. Check out my route plan!

Of course, if the weather turns bad, I can always go back to the interstate. Or if another road looks more interesting… I can be totally spontaneous!

Packing… what will I need? Then put half that stuff back away.

It’ll be the first time putting the Tiger in the garage. Make room for it. To ride it in when I get back, maybe I should take the garage door opener from my car. But then I wouldn’t have it for the car when I get back from the … uh oh… airport. I can’t be bringing the car back from the airport! I’ll be riding a motorcycle. Well. I guess I’d better not drive my car down to catch the plane. Last minute reservation with the shuttle service. (Man! They sure need a lot of extra time on the road. Time when I coulda been sleeping.) It’s all part of the adventure!

I’ve got my camera with me… Watch for a new ride report when I get back!

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