Freedom: The Set Up

“How do you get to live like this?”

Sure, part of creating a lifestyle that I love has been setting up business income streams that are flexible and independent. But a big part of it has also been creating the circumstances that allow maximum flow with minimum overhead.

It’s kinda like having a favorite hobby and creating a place where you can leave it set up, ready to pick up in an instant. If getting all your tools out takes more than half the available time slice, you’re just not going to get to it.

So, given that I love to travel. And I love to ride motorcycles. And I’m not such a fan of cold and snow.

How can I arrange things to enable the most fun with the least hassle?

My first season, I’d pack up all my gear and fly to San Francisco to rent a bike at Dubbelju Rentals (love them!). I got to try a lot of different bikes. It was low investment (since they bought the bike), but high cash flow (rental fees), as well as time and energy intensive ~ packing and lugging armored gear and helmet through the airports, a long shuttle ride to the bike, not having my own familiar bike setup and heater plug-ins.

How can I have the joy of riding during the winter, without the overhead of renting? Well, how about keeping my bike ready to pick up in an instant and go – where there’s no snow??

Balancing out the actual costs, a $20/month storage unit right by the airport turned out to be the best way to facilitate regular doses of warmth and riding during the winter, bracketed by delicious cross-country tours in fall and spring for the Tiger to migrate back and forth.

So, in the middle of January, I get to explore the Sierra foothills.

What’s that activity that makes your heart sparkle and you just feel vibrantly alive?

How can you create a space for it to live, just waiting for you?

What’s one step you can take to set up freedom to indulge your Joy more easily and regularly?

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