Karen on Motorcycle

I’m just an ordinary woman with an irreverent penchant for challenging myself. Both my sons were born at home. I ditched the get-a-good-job gig and own a coupla businesses grossing 7 figures; learned to ride a motorcycle and got myself a red rocket for my 50th birthday; like to knit and bead; lotsa other labels… spiritually awake, world traveler, amateur car racer who dabbles in watercolors.

Utterly unique, just like you.

I love the thrill of movement, the pull of acceleration, the demanding precision of cornering. It challenges me. It takes all of me, all I have to give. I love to feel the aliveness in my body. And I love that same thrill in business.

I love the exhilaration of pushing myself just a little farther each time, staying on that  edge. Learning, growing, evolving. Excellence isn’t complacent. And excellence isn’t about any external standard or comparison. It’s just between me and my creative edge. That fine line that lights up with white hot flames. Being totally at ease in never resting on laurels.

Let’s ride!

Karen by Bike

no hiding. no apologies.
no veil. no makeup. no games.

real, alive, whole

raw courage to BE

not be creative
BE creativity

not be empowered
BE power

not be expression
express. flow. move. act. LIVE.

don’t say yes

I have no dogma to offer, or answers, or formula.
Only the raw, naked, messy, perfect truth of YOU.