First Tiger Ride

First 30 miles

Woo hoo! Just back from my first ride on my new Tiger 800! The most hugest grin splitting my face. Smooth and fast and easy, just the way I like ‘em. (Ok, so I’ll like slow and bumpy, too, just haven’t gotten there yet.) This was mostly a get-acquainted ride, city streets out to Cave Creek, across to Carefree, a little ways out of town, then back into the city was all that time allowed. But it’s sure a great start!

I looked at the bike and compared it with the F650 GS in 2 different dealerships over the holidays. Apparently, one doesn’t generally ride a motorcycle prior to buying it in AZ. Something about their insurance requiring that you’re the owner, even if you “sell” it right back to them. That’s silly. And the dealer near my folks did let me take a Tiger out for a test ride, asking that I keep it under 4 miles.

 When the decision settled in me, I emailed the dealership 30 min away from my folks because the owner was very informative and specifically had 800’s because they fit women better than the 800 XCs that everyone else is showing. It was a pretty clear email – I want one of these, with these add-ons, by the end of the month. No answer, so a couple days later I called and talked with a tech and he took a message for the owner. After a week, still no response.

So I went to the dealer close to my folks and we had it mostly together in a day. Turns out the only white one available was in CA, so they had it shipped in and got it all decked out for me to pick up today. They even came in on a day they are usually closed so we could get it done.

 Flew in this morning, visited with the folks a bit, then went over to pick up the bike. Totally easy and done. I was kinda concerned, though, on the ride back because I’d ordered the extra-low seat and I could barely touch the ground at all. Took it apart when I got home and they’d put on the low seat, but on its high settings. With that fixed, I can nearly flat-foot in my hiking boots.

So while Dad went to chemo (and wouldn’t miss me), I went for my little ride. It wants more gas off the line than I’m used to, and I stalled it a couple times. Oddly, it wants a pause before the starter will work again. Other than that, to the extent I could play in city traffic, it’s a lot of fun. It goes fast fast! Steering is almost done before I even think about it, just a nudge. Braking is easy to squeeze into, yet still definite. It’s a very upright position and I feel like I’m on top of the world.

I found this dirt road at the end of a subdivision, so I tried it out. The bike did the work. Just like they say! Only problem I had was when I got to the top and was pointed uphill on a steep incline with nowhere to turn around. Took some finagling, but we got er done. I think my next quick outing will be to find an empty parking lot to play some with slow moves. Or maybe to the grocery store a block away via the freeway.

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