Drinking buddies

Last week I had the joy of meeting Jean in person. On the forum, Jean is warm, with a simple direct honesty, and she talks about how slowly she rides. In person, she’s warm, with a simple direct honesty, enormous heart and good humor. And she rides slowly.

Jean inspires me with how she claims the way she likes to ride and sticks with it. She doesn’t ask permission or accommodation or forgiveness. She waves everyone on ahead of her when we start out. She’s clear. She simply rides her own ride. It’s a ride that gives her plenty of time to enjoy the landscape, stop to take pictures, and relax.

I thought about where I compromise, hold back, or push myself. Times when I deny myself the honest pleasure of riding my own ride. Because somewhere I was taught that I had to give up something of me in order to have something more that I wanted. And how I’m discovering that the more fully I be as I am, even better things appear.

We talked once about how Jean simply has no interest in speed. Considering such a straightforward statement brought me to a full stop ~ a gift in itself. How completely different our experiences of the same ride! She can enjoy the sensual details of colors, details, scents, and the feel of the open air and movement; drinking it in. I enjoy the sensual experience of movement, acceleration, challenge, and the beauty of the landscape; drinking it in. Sharing our joy in being present to the moment in our own ways.

And with our group, Jean could relax knowing that everyone would have a break to stretch legs before regrouping and turning onto any other road. Have our speed fix, then wait up. Because even those of us who enjoy speed are clear that this is about enjoying Jean, and each other, more.

So here’s to drinking buddies and authenticity! How will you ride your own ride today?

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