Do You Know How to Stop?

I remember when I used to ski. I’d be fine as long as I was arc-ing down the hill. The only time I had trouble was when I tried to slow down. Or worse, stop. That’s when something would catch, balance wouldn’t recover, and over I’d go. The worst was when I’d be standing in the lift line… just standin’ there, and ooo wooop, crash. Just fall over.

It’s been pretty much the same on the motorcycle. When I’m goin’, I’m fine. It’s when I want to stop that something catches, and over the bike goes. Or just stopped at an intersection and ooo wooop, gak! Over it goes.

Sometimes everyday life isn’t so different. We know we need to take a time-out, to stop. And sometimes that’s the scariest thing to do.

Last Saturday (before the new fire) I was feeling pretty swamped by the dramas going on in lives around me, and how they sloshed over to affect my choices.  I wanted to take some time to go within, to see where I was getting hooked in to the stories. And I wanted to have the unconditioned embrace of nature so I could get clear. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a ride!

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