Living RAW

Real. Alive. Whole.

is about creating experience. That inner experience of flow. The most vibrant, vivid, exhilarating version of living passion in the moment. Everyone’s tasted flow somewhere in their life: in nature, fabulous orgasm, making art, extreme sports, watching puppies be born. The wonderment and delight of time falling away, merging action and awareness. Where would you like to live your life with that passion?

Because when you’re in the flow, without resistance, you’re a gift to everyone around you. Your natural contribution flows into the world joyfully.


What the hell? Is THIS it???

“Get a good job with more pay and you’re oooookay” ~ Pink Floyd

Money Trap

What happens when someone has done everything “right,” then takes a good look at their life and realizes… what the hell? Is THIS it???

What happens when you’ve done that thing you trained for until you’re good beyond mastery, you’re done, but it’s still paying the bills?


Burned out

Just bored



Not sure what’s “off” or how to create a viable alternative

Have you had that sinking feeling when you imagine another 5 years, 10 years of THIS?
Maybe not even 5 minutes, eh?

Been there, done that!

Out of university, I went into high tech with high ambition. I remember the day I sat in a corporate management meeting, looked at my boss, and thought,
“Oh my God, I do NOT want his job!”

I transitioned to entrepreneurship.

And damn near killed myself.

Driven to “prove it,” I built multiple successful businesses (amid several near-misses) across education, finance, tech, and real estate…

I let my ambition become an addiction. In the beautiful lake front house, I missed my boys learning to walk. Sure, I was good at what I was doing, arguably the best in the world. And there was a sense of achievement in amassing wealth, passing the million dollar mark. But over the years, I lost ground to burnout, exhaustion, isolation, depression.

Needing to find a way to my own center, I became fascinated spiritual awakening. As my experience deepened, I knew achievement just wasn’t enough any more. I was ready for fulfillment.

Now I live the quality of journey that best expresses the real me. I get to define my own conditions of enoughness. In my cozy little home, my income supports my family comfortably. Without the overwork I’m free to travel and explore, adventure in motorcycle riding and car racing, enjoy creative pursuits, and reach out to others who feel burned out and trapped, and are ready to shift their life to fulfillment, peace, and happiness.

What does it mean to live RAW?

Look deeper



Get Real



Get Real




Be Whole


How about YOU?

You do NOT need to bottom out, or do things the hard way, or lose everything to find what’s real and meaningful for you!

For goodness sakes, do NOT miss out on your time with the people who matter most to you!

And you can bypass decades of trial-and-error searching.

How would you like to find a credible messenger, a muse and mentor, experienced in business and ancient wisdom, to guide you to your own inspired certainty in crafting your bridge to shift from a focus on achievement to a life of fulfillment?

It’s time to Get RAW