Mere information is static. Transformation is where the action is!

How can we share the Journey?

Kyle in Costa Rica

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver

In a short time, I can help you directly

  • Drop in and experience who you really are, beneath all the masks and limitations you were taught
  • Articulate precisely the qualities you are divinely inspired to experience and express
  • Identify strategies and activities to bring those experiences alive, starting right where you are

As you play with your discoveries and need to hone your talents, learn new skills, travel new pathways, we play together to release resistance, self-limitations, and habits that block your flow. Innovate and integrate – conscious evolution!

Bring all of who you are
to everything you do

Do you sense that somehow you’re out of alignment with your deep, abiding longing?

Living vibrantly from inspired certainty doesn’t in any way imply giving up the activities that feed your soul, the relationships that fill your heart. Rather than feeling areas of your life in conflict with one another, learn to raise the water level and enjoy more across the board.


Your customized map to move
from a focus on achievement
to a life of fulfillment

Folks come to the integration of Real-Alive-Whole from different directions.

For folks who’ve been wound up in achievement and success by external definition, the movement is to turn within to the exciting journey of discovery in the Get Real program.

On the other hand, for folks who somehow find that their spirituality stays on the meditation cushion or yoga mat when they head to the office, it’s time for the journey in the outer world to Come Alive.

Integrating the rhythm and flow of merging action and awareness creates overflow, so everywhere you show up, you’re in the adventure of Be Whole. Fully present, in motion aligned with who you really are.

Or, for you, it may be a unique combination that weaves in all three! Focus directly on experiencing the life you want to live fully. A customized program uniquely designed for your personal explosion of untamed joy!

Adventure Exploration Session

Let’s talk to see how we can bring to bear my eclectic collection of inner process, business wisdom, and gift for creating a space of complete presence, and your deepest longing, soul-given gifts, and unique energy, to ignite joy, passion, and aliveness in your everyday life!

Highways? Byways?
Direct route? Scenic route?

The adventure isn’t only where you want to arrive.
Getting there is ALL the FUN!

Let’s find the best journey plan
for how we can play together
to empower you to get your business and lifestyle
in motion aligned with who you really are!

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or call me at 970-218-0400